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Write a program to make a chess board in php - Powerfaq

In this article, we are going to learn to code the Chess board in php. I will present you a code to get the output of Chess board. We will take two loops, one loop for rows and other inner loop for columns.

How to make Animated css with @keyframes

CSS Animations - CSS animations is used to create the animation without JavaScript, Jquery and Flash. CSS and the HTML code is generated animations.
Animation Properties: animation, animation-delay, animation-direction, animation-duration,animation-fill-mode. animation-name: @keyframes name.
Example : @-webkit-keyframes color-change { 50% { background:red;} 100% { background:green;} }
animation-duration: Animation complte in time. ( defined in seconds(s) or milliseconds(ms))
Example : animation-duration:8s;

How to add custom shortcodes to the visual composer

Add the custom shortcodes in theme’s file ( functions.php) for visual composer. WordPress getting one of the user friendly CMS with admin controls which allows the users to make changes to their site. WordPress functions to make this acquaintance even better. Using vc_map() function you can easily create custom shortcodes. vc_map() function should be called with an array of special attributes describing your shortcode. vc_map functions accept an array with […]


To print even and odd numbers we can use different types of method. Method:1 Even numbers between 1 to 100 In first method we use ‘for’ loops to print even numbers between 1 to 100. Here loop starts from number 2 and after every count its value increment by 2 for print even numbers. Odd numbers between 1 to 100 In first method we use ‘for’ loops to print odd […]

To upload zip file directly from URL to cPanel using PHP, follow these steps: 1. Create a new file php at root folder named getzip.php, where we can access on our domain. Eg:- ../public_html/getzip.php 2. Next edit the getzip.php file in the file manager, and put below code: 3. Now open the file in the browser, so it might be 4. We should wait now, no worry if 500 […]

Stars with numbers

We can print a star pyramid pattern in php along with there row number using ‘for’ loops. To print this pattren we will use a ‘for’ loop to print rows. The first ‘for’ loop will indicate the number of rows. Then we use ‘if’ condition to check the even & odd values. We will print number value first in odd number and then stars and vise versa we will print […]

We can print this pattern in php. For this we need Variables and ‘for’ loops. First we have Variables in which Symbols are passing as a string to print pattern. First ‘for’ loop is used for number of row and second & third ‘for’ loop is used for numbers in a row. ‘if’ condition is used to print empty space and ‘elseif’ condition used to print symbol.

Meta robots tag provides a utility of how a web page or post crawling and indexing in search engine and served to users. Add meta robots tag insection. We can use more than one meta tag but it may be cause a conflict issue. The syntax of the meta robots tag: [meta name="robots" content=""]

We can print a numeric pyramid series and also can print the sum of every row using php code. We need two ‘for’ loops to print this pattern in php. First ‘for’ loop is used for rows and second ‘for’ loop is used for numbers in a row. We use ‘if’ conditions to add a ‘+’ sign between the numbers also some variables to store the sum of a row.