“Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’”. This issues occurs if you’re attempting to migrate from MySQL version 5.5.3+ to an older database. The utf8mb4 is new encoding type was introduced in MySQL version 5.5.3. In older version of MySQL, the character set named utf8 that uses a maximum of three bytes per character and contains only BMP characters, whereas utf8mb4 are stored as 4 bytes, thus allowing for compliance with more Unicode characters. […]

To upload zip file directly from URL to cPanel using PHP, follow these steps: 1. Create a new file php at root folder named getzip.php, where we can access on our domain. Eg:- ../public_html/getzip.php 2. Next edit the getzip.php file in the file manager, and put below code: 3. Now open the file in the browser, so it might be 4. We should wait now, no worry if 500 […]

We can change the root password of server from WHM using steps as given below:
Step 1. Login to WHM. (http://yourserverip:2085) or (https://yourserverip:2088)
Step 2. After Logged in you will see the "server configuration" tab in left sidebar, Click on change root password under server configuration......

animate() Shows a custom animation on the selected items Example: “Animate” an element, by changing its height: $(“button”).click(function(){ $(“#box”).animate({height:”300px”}); }); clearQueue() Removes all remaining queued functions from the selected items Example: Stop the remaining functions in the queue: $(“button”).click(function(){ $(“div”).clearQueue(); }); delay() Set a timer to delay execution of selected items in the queue. Example: Delay different elements: $(“button”).click(function(){ $(“#div1”).delay(“slow”).fadeIn(); $(“#div2”).delay(“fast”).fadeIn(); }); dequeue() Execute the next function on the queue […]

It’s very easy to create in Slice-host Management Panel. In this Post we will attending at creating a DNS area for new domain with the help of Slice-Manager interface. Step 1: Login log-in into the Slice-Manager here Step 2: DNS Panel After Loged in, click on DNS tab as below: Step 3: Enter New Domain Now click on ‘new domain’ link and enter your domain name. Step 4: Records […]

Slice Host provides a setup to create the DNS for domain name To create the subdomain steps as below: Step 1.  Login to slice host admin Step 2. Go to DNS button and click records link next to the domain name. Step 3. Click on create a new record link, And then fill the form Enter Type: A, Subdomain name Data: ip address to where you want to point subdomain […]