How to create Twitter API consumer and secret keys

Steps to create Twitter API consumer and secret keys

  1. First need to Log into the Twitter Developers section.
    • If already you don’t have an Twitter account, you can get login with your normal Twitter credentials
  2. Visit “Create an app
  3. Fill in the details of the application you’ll be using to connect with the API
    • Your application name should be unique.
  4. Click on Create your Twitter application
  5. Details of your new app will be shown along with your consumer key and consumer secret.
  6. If you need access tokens, scroll down and click Create my access token
    • The page will then refresh on the “Details” tab with your new access tokens. You can recreate these at any time if you need to.

By default apps will be granted for read-only permission. To change permission, go to the Settings tab and change the access level required in the “Application Type” section.

Existing apps

For an existing application we can get the consumer and access tokens, Here My applications (which is available from the menu in the upper-right).


Twitter - Create an application Twitter - Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

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