How to design Email Templates

Following are the steps for designing Email Templates

Today, every company needs an email template. It is completely businesses image. Email is used all the time. It is an ideal opportunity to promote your businesses image. Email template design gives impressive effect.

Most people view emails in the preview window, they don’t actually double click on the emails to fully open them. So take advantage of this and design it to 600px in width. It should be more than enough space to get your design into.

Simple is best:- Try to remember, emails are not full blown websites with all kinds of whistles and bells attached. Generally speaking the more clean and simple the design would be, better it will look. There are lots of email clients out there, and you need to try and cater for them all.

Use tables:- We can use table because it is old hat, but that’s why it works here. Going back to all different types of email clients and stuff, using tables is a sure-fire way to make sure everyone can see the layout of your email template.
Inline styles:- Most clients will use inline styles.

Sign up for all web based email clients:- This is purely for testing purposes; make sure that killer template works in all possible email environments!

Give all images alt tags:- For the times when no matter what you do to the style of your template it gets ripped apart at the other end by some nasty email client! If you are gonna go down, do it in style baby with grace.

Try not to set highest height and width for images:- If you are using fixed sizes, you’ll be left with a lot of open unused white space that will make the template look all crazy.

Wrap the whole email in 100% table width:- Email clients only take the code within the body tags, not the body tags themselves. In order to use a background color, you must create a 100% width table to “fake” the background effect.

We don’t use background images:-Text can be hard to read on filled backgrounds. Try to stick to solid colors that compliment the text color in email templates.

Make it easy to read!
No javascript:- We does not use javascript because it is going to kill the email, so don’t do it!

If we are sending a newsletter give the user a way to opt out. People like to be in control and if your simply spamming them with information, they won’t want to deal with you!

After you have finished making up that amazing email template. Proper testing will also be done .

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