How to print a triangular pattern in php

We can print this pattern in php. For this we need Variables and ‘for’ loops. First we have Variables in which Symbols are passing as a string to print pattern. First ‘for’ loop is used for number of row and second & third ‘for’ loop is used for numbers in a row. ‘if’ condition is used to print empty space and ‘elseif’ condition used to print symbol.

$r=" _ ";
for($a=1; $a<=6; $a++){
  for($b=$a; $b<=$a; $b++){
    echo $p;
      for($c=1; $c<=$a-1; $c++){
	if($a <= 5){
	  echo " &nbsp ";
	elseif($a == 6 && $c<=$a/2){
	  echo $r;
  echo $q; 
  echo "<br>";

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