Creating DNS records for your domain

It’s very easy to create in Slice-host Management Panel.
In this Post we will attending at creating a DNS area for new domain with the help of Slice-Manager interface.

Step 1: Login
log-in into the Slice-Manager here

Step 2: DNS Panel
After Loged in, click on DNS tab as below:

Step 3: Enter New Domain
Now click on ‘new domain’ link and enter your domain name.

Step 4: Records
Once you have done, click on ‘records’ next to your domain name.
As given, there are no records:

Now let’s go forward and add the domain A records.
now add an ‘A’ record for the domain ( and for a ‘www’ subdomain so users can navigate to the site using ‘’.
After clicking on ‘New Record’. We will see a drop down box that shows the types of records that are available in drop down:

We have to make sure ‘A’ is selected and then fill in the details for your domain.
like as below:

Name: (Note the period ‘.’ at the end of the full domain).

Ensure that, You input the correct IP address for your Slice.

Repeat the process but use ‘www’ for the Name. When using subdomains, there is no need to enter a period ‘.’ at the end of the record. So the details would be:

Name: www

Step 5: NS Records
One things that is basically missed and required, after setting up domain records ‘correctly’ are the domain’s NS records.
You need to still set up the NS records if you have not.

Below the same procedure as with the A records, ensure that ‘NS’ is selected from the drop down box and then click on ‘New Record’

I used the following values:


Repeat this for each of the NS records you created with your domain. For most domains It will need to be done for, and

Now, your records will be for your domain and your Slice IP address.

You can add as many records as you needed.

Step 7: Summary
Easy to create the DNS zone and adding DNS records with the Slice-host Management Panel.

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