How to make Password Protect Page in WordPress ?

We can apply Password protection to WordPress posts and pages. There is a built in option in WordPress for Password protection. Once We publish a WordPress post (or Page), it will be public by default.

When we Create/edit a page or post in WordPress admin panel. on right side of page or post editor there is a box named “Publish”. This means a page or post with a Published status has a default visibility of Public look like as below:
Password Protect WordPress post and pages

Clicking the “Edit” link next to Visibility: Public reveals three radio buttons below:

  1. Public is selected by default.
  2. Password protected.
  3. Private.

When we checked the Password protected radio button the text field will be shown below for entering a password, The password limit is 20 characters max, After entering password click the “OK” button. Now post’s new setting, e.g., Visibility: Password Protected.
To apply the setting Click on Publish button (or “Update” if the page is already published.)

Password Protect WordPress post and pages 1
When we view that page at font end, a password-protected with a title page will display like below:

Password Protect WordPress post and pages 2

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