How to make Animated css with @keyframes

CSS Animations - CSS animations is used to create the animation without JavaScript, Jquery and Flash. CSS and the HTML code is generated animations.
Animation Properties: animation, animation-delay, animation-direction, animation-duration,animation-fill-mode. animation-name: @keyframes name.
Example : @-webkit-keyframes color-change { 50% { background:red;} 100% { background:green;} }
animation-duration: Animation complte in time. ( defined in seconds(s) or milliseconds(ms))
Example : animation-duration:8s;

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Difference between CSS and CSS3

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on browsers screen, or in other media browsers screen. It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once. External stylesheets are stored in CSS files. CSS3 is the latest version of the CSS language. CSS3 is divided into many different documents called Modules. Every module adds new capability or […]

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Difference between HTML and HTML5

There are lots of difference between HTML and HTML5. HTML5 is the new version of HTML. HTML5 is more power full and easy than HTML, It have lot of new tags like <article>, <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <audio>, <video> etc. HTML5 added the new Form tags <datalist>, <keygen>, <output> etc. HTML5 support Vector Graphics also, new graphic elements are <svg> and <canvas>. New multimedia tags <audio> and <video> are integral part […]

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“Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’”. This issues occurs if you’re attempting to migrate from MySQL version 5.5.3+ to an older database. The utf8mb4 is new encoding type was introduced in MySQL version 5.5.3. In older version of MySQL, the character set named utf8 that uses a maximum of three bytes per character and contains only BMP characters, whereas utf8mb4 are stored as 4 bytes, thus allowing for compliance with more Unicode characters. […]

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How to add custom shortcodes to the visual composer

Add the custom shortcodes in theme’s file ( functions.php) for visual composer. WordPress getting one of the user friendly CMS with admin controls which allows the users to make changes to their site. WordPress functions to make this acquaintance even better. Using vc_map() function you can easily create custom shortcodes. vc_map() function should be called with an array of special attributes describing your shortcode. vc_map functions accept an array with […]

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To print even and odd numbers we can use different types of method. Method:1 Even numbers between 1 to 100 In first method we use ‘for’ loops to print even numbers between 1 to 100. Here loop starts from number 2 and after every count its value increment by 2 for print even numbers. Odd numbers between 1 to 100 In first method we use ‘for’ loops to print odd […]

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