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Sometimes this problem occurs due to older version theme or plugins. When we.......

WP Business Hours

This Plugin is to show Business hours, Admin can manage the business hours Weekly, can show using widget and shortcode.


  1. Download from

How to change the root password from WHM

We can change the root password of server from WHM using steps as given below:
Step 1. Login to WHM. (http://yourserverip:2085) or (https://yourserverip:2088)
Step 2....

Mathematics HTML Codes

Mathematics Special Characters Used on Web Pages
The following list of HTML codes for mathematics characters not in the standard character set. All browsers are Not...

Thoughts Of The Day

Plugin is to show daily thought, can add thoughts in each line for each day and will show the each line according to day.


Greek HTML Codes

List of Greek HTML Codes
HTML codes to put Greek characters on your Web page
The below list includes the HTML codes for Greek characters not...

Special Characters in HTML Codes

ASCII Special Characters - HTML Codes

The below list includes the HTML codes for the ASCII symbols to use on Web pages. ...

Tips on writing a press release

Do your homework.  If writing a press release for an event linked to a national campaign or programme (such as Time To Change), find out...

Preparing for a media interview

An interview gives you an excellent opportunity to communicate your message. Being well prepared will help you feel comfortable during the interview, and will also...

Jquery Effects

animate() Shows a custom animation on the selected items Example: “Animate” an element, by changing its height: $(“button”).click(function(){ $(“#box”).animate({height:”300px”}); }); clearQueue() Removes all remaining queued...